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Diva Date logoDiva Date was the official, brand new dating site for the leading lesbian lifestyle magazine DIVA, but it isn’t any more. We gave users access to some of the UK’s loveliest single ladies, and sites that are packed full of lesbian and bisexual girls in your area!

So what exactly is Diva Date?

Well we’re still hot on lesbian dating and we’re going to signpost you to the best gay and lesbian dating sites and communities on the internet, as well as covering places where UK lesbians can get together.

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Lesbian dating in the UK

Lesbian dating in the UK – the ultimate scene for lesbian dating.

That’s right, if you’re lucky enough to be in England or the rest of the UK and looking to date other lesbians or bisexual women, then you’ll find everything you’re looking for and much, much more at Diva Date.

Whatever your heart desires, and even desires that you didn’t know you had, you’ll find it here in this legendary lesbian dating scene. From girls wanting brief encounters strictly for fun, to potential life partners; from the young and carefree, to the more mature and worldly-wise, and every age in between.

Find lesbians in the UK

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Diva Date can put you in contact with loads of lesbians and bisexual girls in the UK.
The fun-loving and bubbly live-for-today girl is well catered for, just as much as the woman who takes life that bit more seriously and is looking for a like-minded soulmate to share her life and her heart. So vibrant and welcoming is the lesbian dating scene in the UK that there’s something for everyone.

Of course if your tastes run to something a little less conventional you won’t be disappointed either and you won’t have very far to look. They’re all surprisingly close at hand.

Yes, this unmatched dating scene caters superbly well for individuals of literally every persuasion.

Locations for meeting and socialising with other lesbians are too many to count and too varied to describe. There are places to dance the night away, from dusk to dawn and longer, with all the fun, music, pizzazz and sparkle that you need to give you the night of your life. There are hosts of clubs and pubs in [location] with as many different ambiences as there are stars in the sky, so you’ll be sure to have no trouble finding the perfect atmosphere for you. Or how about chic restaurants for that intimate lesbian dinner for two?

The absolute best in gourmet food, the finest of fine wines and impeccable, exquisite service make the perfect setting for your lesbian relationship to blossom and flourish, unhurried by the outside world. Or if you and your date are into fast food, pizzas or speedier dining, then you’re spoilt for choice.

In a word, Britain was built for lesbian dating, and Diva Date can help you find it so what are you waiting for?